Speed Limit

Posted in: Redwood Estates
I know I'm not the only one that has noticed the increase in the speed of vehicles that drive through the park.

My wife witnessed our next door neighbors dog get struck by a speeding vehicle about 3 weeks ago, granted the dog should not have been out of the yard, however, that is no excuse for the speedway driving tatics that I observe on a daily basis throughout the months of nice weather.

I wouldn't want to see a child get struck by a vehicle here in the park, and I would like to see a bit more of a pro-active approach from management to rid this park of this outrageous driving, and perhaps make this a safer community for all to enjoy.

Ideas for this ???

Speed Limits

I agree with the unknown author that the
speed limits that are posted are being
ignored and that the persons in charge
seem to be unavailable for resonable action. I hope that no children are injured by the failure of management and
police officials to respond to numerous complaints!!

By Anonimous
Gee its still going on

I moved away 2 yrs ago it was a problem then too, but with the frequent changes its too difficult to change it.

By Bill@450
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