raspberry related questions

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Hi there gardeners,
I'm looking for advice.

I've got a long leggy raspberry bush, I think I can cut it back alot with no problems for next yrs raspberry crop Y/N ?

But once I cut it, (they've gotten very leggy)
I'll have all these sturdy/healthy 'cuttings'

So does anyone know how easy or hard it is to root these cuttings?

Do I just stick them in water?
Should I just pot them?
Or even just stick them in the dirt & have them flourish?
Can I leave them outside for the winter?
Do I have to bring them inside for the winter?
Or is it too difficult to start them?

The 2 big overgown Raspberry Bushes (which are joining with the 2 incredibly overgrown Butterfly bushes) can from 2 skinny cuttings from the garden 2 yrs ago!

Finally, I also have a ton (practically) of red/orange milkweed plants that are seeding like CRAZY. My dozen & dozens of plants seeded from 3 plants I bought from BBG 2 springs ago.

So If you'd like seeds.... email!
Thanks for you help!

By Elisabeth
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