Brighton Village At Valencia HOA

This is a slum

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Why do we pay $70 a month Homeowner's Fee, not to mention most of us have big mortgages and high property taxes, to live in a slum where people have no consideration for their neighbours and the Association Board does nothing?  I live with the incessant barking of my neighbour's dogs right outside my bedroom window.  I may as well be living in Harlem.

Not one of the people running for board positions addressed the issue of barking dogs.  Someone needs to be held accountable for allowing homeowners to disturb the peace of their surrounding neighbours.  The lots for these homes are so miniscule that what's in my neighbour's yard may as well be in my yard.  How can people be so inconsiderate?  I am miserable in my own home.  Calls to the management company and appeals to board members have proven to be a waste of time.

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