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Please Be Careful When Walking After Dark

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Please Be Careful When Walking After Dark

On the early evening of Wednesday, April 2, one of the residents of the Bohn Farm Neighborhood was assaulted and beaten while taking the shortcut that runs along the railroad tracks between Sunset and Vivian Streets.  It had just gotten dark and he was approached by a few older male teens. They then called out to and were joined by a number of other teens, totaling a dozen or more, who circled the victim.  He was jumped from behind, brought down to the ground and kicked repeatedly in the head and chest, suffering multiple facial/head contusions with probable fracture to orbit of the right eye and torn rib cartilage.

Although this might seem an isolated and unfortunate incident that occurred on a dark path, this is a well-populated area with houses all along that particular path, which can give pedestrians a false sense of security. Additionally, another resident was stabbed in the abdomen during a recent altercation on Grant Street, again by an older teen, after complaining about the noise the teen was making outside at 3:30 in the morning. 

My roommate was not robbed, although he had a backpack containing a laptop and other valuable items. The assault seemed quite random, and we live just one block from some of the perpetrators.  Police were notified and investigated, although we are not aware of any formal report filed. 

As this individual's housemate, as a mom, and as a resident of the Bohn Farm Neighborhood, I'm posting this message to all residents of the neighborhood to let people know to be very careful when out after dark in this area.

Thanks for reading.


Theresa Diaz 

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