Residential discrimination

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I have lived at Winter Park lodge II since March of 2017 and have never felt more unwelcome.  I moved in as a potential investor and will be walking away apauled by how the place is run.  This place has been around since 1979 and was a beautiful group of buildings.  When I first arrived I was told that only owners can have pets, which is strange because as a resident with a year lease and a $1000 down for any damage that may occor, This should be my home for 12 months until I decide to sign again or purchase.  I was told that renters dont take care of there pets with is discrimination.  


You are also not supposed to have a grill within 25 feet of the buildings, there are grills set up across the parking lots for safe use, but from the time I've been there I've seen numorous "owners"  barbequing right outside there garage.  This should be a violation and a fire hazourd.  Kathy the Property manager, has participated in a majority of these.  I have been fined for the oder of Marijuana (which I vape on ocation) stating that it is a Noxious oder(which by defination is toxic or harmful to injest) Marijuana may smell bad to some, but it is not harmful to smell.  What is harmful is car exaust.  Kathy ownes the garage under my unit and on December 28th of 2017 she left her car running all through the night with her garage door closed.  Neglegent to say the least.  I had my bedroom door closed and hadn't notice the piosenous fumes until I was made aware because of the units from the third floor where expierencing headaches and a "noxious order".  If I had left my door open or had napped on my couch that eveing, we would not be having this conversation because I would be dead.  If you want to get even more serious, if she would have done this while my kids were here three days later, they would be dead.  Did Kathy get a fine for nearly killing half the complex?  no.  Did she apologize for nearly killing half the unit.  no, but I digress.  

I have heard from other owners that Kathy is supplied a rental unit since she maintains the building with her husband, but since she bought a new unit and has no need for the HOA rental, she rents it out and profits the money.  I'm pretty sure there is against the law and known as "double dipping".  

I've been woken up as early as 4am so that they can plow before they go to work.  There is a noise ordanance and just because she is working other jobs doesn't mean she can plow whatever time of the night is most convient for her. 

There is no salt or sand applied after they plow which make the parking lot turn into an ice scating wring.  There have been multiple "owners" that have reported this her due to there family members visiting slipping and injuring themselves.  I'm supprised no one has taken this HOA to court.  scary

I have been constantly harrased by Kathy for "possible smells" or for not moving my car after a snow, it was moved and it was plowed.  She came to me after 48 hours and instead of kindly asking me if I can move my car so she can get to the spot that I parked in 48 hours after the snow(apparently someonedidn't move there car, and after a full lot the only spot to park was that spot that wasn't plowed) she barking orders at me.  I do not respond to threats.  I'm am an outstanding citizen and have and keep my place immaculate.  I pay rent on time.  Is this someone you do not want renting?  Kathy is forcing only J1 and J2 seasonal renters due to her discrimination with renters and anyone that she doesn't like.  Its upsetting.  I feel for all the owers in this building.  I will never buy a unit at this estiablishment and will incurage other investers to steer clear if Kathy is the one in charge.  I'm not sure where you Hoa fees are going, but they are not going towards any renavations.  I will be contacting the city of Winter Park to have them do a full audit on these condos.  I think you have connected duct work, wich allows "oders" to leak into the units above, which is no up to code.  I'm curious to find out all of the other issues that may be going on.   

Just to add one more thing.   I helped my mother empty her Denver storage unit today and we took her well behaved dog with us, and when we got back to my place, my mother needed to use the restroom and instead of leaving her dog(7 yr old ) I let her come inside while my mother used the restroom.  They were in my place aprox 7min.  My landlord received a complaint and warning from Kathy about if it happens again she will fine me another $100 fine.  Kathy is going to cause a huge lawsuit that will go against the HOA unless something is done.  

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