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Hi glitterynutmeg (hehe cute name).  Try emailing me again:  Occasionally, I have trouble with gmail...don't know why.  I also have a blog: 

I totally feel what you're saying about fliers.  We put them up and kids (or someone??) pulls them down!  That happens almost every month. 

I hope you get this...I'm new to the discussion board, so I have no clue if you'll get a notification or if I can somehow get your email address (prolly not, huh?). 


Oh thanks, I ended up signing up awhile ago after someone on here corrected the address (and then I saw it was on the main page anyway).  If you put fliers up on mailboxes many times the post man/woman will take them down as "technically" it is illegal to post anything there.  We don't typically have that problem in my area unless the box is totally filled with fliers, but I know others do so I don't know if maybe it's a different post person in different areas of the subdivision or what.  But even posting in the discussion area here, on on the message board area, on in the message board area, that would also get you more exposure as there are many from Castlegate that frequent both sites.

Oh if you needed my e-mail for any reason it's  I *think* (hmm don't hold me to that LoL) that I posted it on here previously as well because I pet sit in my home at at other's homes so anyone is welcome to e-mail me anytime for whatever reason.  No problem in giving out my e-mail addy Laughing

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