Birchdale Neighborhood Alliance

Are You Getting Confused by the Separation from MCA Yet????

Make No Mistake! We are separated from MCA...

Are you confused about what's going on? Wondering why we broke away in the first place? Are you just down-right opposed to it altogether? If you've answered "yes" to any or all of those questions, read on...

If you're confused by the break-away from The Maplewood Community Association, you're not alone. Before the separation even began, attempts were made to work with MCA. Letters were sent, calls were made. The letters were never answered and the calls were not returned. We talked with our neighborhood specialists every step of the way and all of our actions were guided by them. The separation was our last resort, but is turning out to be what truly was best, as our issues list is already beginning to shorten.

We Tried Our Best...

Before the "split" attempts were made to become a "sub-group" as part of MCA but our efforts were rejected when MCA President, Arlin Filler, failed to, or refused to, return our calls and letters. During this time, Mr. Filler was also failing to work with the neighborhood specialist when he did not return calls, attend meetings, or turn in paperwork as requested. To this date he still has not turned in paperwork that was requested of him in April.

After waiting and trying we were told by the neighborhood specialist to go ahead and become our own association. So, we elected our officers, filled out the proper forms, and here we are.

Their Actions are Unethical and Counter-Productive...

Since then, Mr. Filler has sent people from MCA around asking for signatures for street lights and trying to collect dues. This, AFTER receiving a letter from The Birchdale Neighborhood Alliance notifying him of the separation and giving him a list of our board of directors. This was also done while our board of directors were out of town. That night, the President of BNA, Marianne Brady, contacted Mr. Filler while out of town and spoke with him for over an hour. The conversation ended with an agreement that BNA and MCA would be separate but work together for the good of the community. Marianne Brady was under the impression from the conversation that relations between MCA and BNA would be cordial (finally) and productive.

The next day, while BNA's President was still in Kentucky, and BNA's Vice President was on a business trip, MCA distributed flyers on Birchdale Drive and Birchdale Court. These flyers stated that BNA was an adversarial group and that they were not a legitimate association. This was done out of spite and mean-spiritedness and has only accomplished upsetting and confusing everyone on Birchdale Drive and Court.

When Marianne Brady returned to Fort Wayne from Kentucky, she contacted the neighborhood specialist. She learned that many calls had come in on the matter. The neighborhood specialist says that what MCA is doing is wrong, unethical, and that they are not "playing nice." Their actions are nothing short of irresponsible and unproductive. There is nothing that can be done about that. What has resulted is a meeting scheduled to take place and the meeting attendants will be the BNA Board of Directors, Denise Porter-Ross, and the MCA Board of Directors. Hopefully, this will put an end to MCA's attempt to undermine BNA.

In the meantime, make no mistake, Birchdale Drive and Birchdale Court are no longer a part of MCA. Anyone paying dues to them for 2003-2004 will still be responsible for making sure their BNA dues are paid. Every attempt will be made to collect your dues from MCA but in all probability, they will not turn them over without a fight. In the meantime, you should know that your dues to BNA go to snow removal, legal fees, and other fees necessary to function. Dues to BNA are MANDATORY. Without this money, we can not help you.

We are not an adversarial group. We are a group of homeowners. Your neighbors, working (FOR FREE) to try and keep our neighborhood safe, beautiful, and a nice place to live. We have done more to resolve issues in 3 months, than MCA had done in 35 years. We are not exploiting the elderly, we are not trying to confuse people. We are not hiding our financial records (we don't have any, yet), and we are certainly not depriving anyone of any benefits.

Whether you are for or against us, the majority in our neighborhood supported the actions taken, and the actions we are taking. So rather than all of us fighting, it would be better if we can work together as we all have a common goal - a better place to live.


Letter to Arlin Filler May 9, 2003
Letter to Arlin Filler May 29, 2003
Separation Notice to Arlin Filler June 11, 2003
Association Data on File With the City of Fort Wayne

Posted by marianne on 07/13/2003
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