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Hers a few guideline for neighbors on yard care.


* Mow your yard once a week or more often if necessary...each cut should not take off more than one third of the blade.  Lawn mower blades should be sharpened multiple times a season.  This produces clean cuts and less stress than ripping blades.


*if you have a yard full of weeds, visit the Scotts website for advice or hire a service to get the problem under control. Weeds never go away on their own and the problem only becomes greater if ignored.  Not only will your yard be unsightly, your neighbors will dislike your irresponsibility because mature weeds spree into their well kept yards, choosing them more time and money.


Trees do not take care of themselves.  They must be trimmed and pruned to grow into a long lasting plant. They should be nourished and protected from bugs and sometimes even fungus.  


Trees along a sidewalk should be timed to not interfere with the walkway...  How many irresponsibl neighbors let's their trees get overgrown and grow like bushes our let bugs like the ash borer destroy them.


 I realize that this may be someones first yard, but that doesn't mean they should ignore it...  You have a responsibility to your neighbors when you live in a planned community.

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