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Target Sucks !

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Target is a junk store and has one of the worst return policies of any of the major stores.. Plus it's not going to lower our taxes. Be careful what you wish for. If you are for Target, then you are for Wal-Mart as well. Are people that cheap, that they can't drive a couple extra miles to the Target on Sawmill & 161 ?
To Target Sucks

Then you better be voting YES for the 10-12 mil school levy in March!
Taxes & Schools

I am reading all this & it sounds like some people are saying Target is going to help in the way of taxes & our schools.But if there is no Target, then we need to vote Yes for the school levy? I do not know much about this,so could Target actually make up the difference if people vote No on the school levy? Someone made a good point,that Dublin HAS all those stores & their taxes are still higher than ours. Which would lead me to believe Target is NOT going to help us in the way of the schools.

By Trying to Understand it all
No Levy Taxes !

If you vote for a 10 to 12 Mil Levy,
Your taxes would increase, on a $280,000 home about another $1,000 or more a year. FOREVER ! Because once they add the Tax ,it will never go down.
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