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I recieved a note in my door stating that ''we have switched everyone'' on my street ''over to Waste Management from Rumpke'' Has the HOA switched to one single service? This is the first I have heard of this and I just mailed my payment for the next quarter to my current service. Did I miss a notification or vote? Or, have I been slammed?
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I called Rumpke and they don't refund payments so you'll lose the rest of the June, July and Aug payment. They said that they'll match WM's offer to remain with them. I haven't heard of a neighborhood vote either.
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Trash pickup

There was no change as the Association cannot dictate who you use for trash pickup. We tried to get everyone to use the same company awhile back, but people complained that they wanted to use their own companies, etc. So, if Waste Mgmt tried to change you, they did it illegally...

Also, Rumpke does not refund, so if you do switch, only do it at the end of a payment period. Waste Mgmt was giving out bad info when they came around trying to switch people. I complained when I didn't get a refund, and finally got a credit to my bill on Waste Mgmt, but it was a hassle.

Jim McGrath
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