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Cell Phone Towers!!!

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The Berkeley ZAB decision to permit developer Patrick Kennedy to install 18 cell phone antennas for Nextel and Verizon along with four 5 ton compressors on the roof of Shattuck Avenue Storage puts an undo burden on the LeConte Neighborhood and South Berkeley. We ask you to overturn this for the following reasons:

1. A map of the pattern of radiation was never presented or discussed. The citizens therefore do not know how it affects their home, their patterns of walking and driving, the two schools in the neighborhood, the Berkeley Bowl?—none of it.

2. There is a significant seismic hazard presented by thousands of tons of weight added to this 1940?’s building constructed on reinforced masonry (bricks) which has not had a retrofit.

3. The ZAB ignored Berkeley?’s ordinance re: cell phone antennas which states (paraphrase)?‘ all lengths should be pursued to keep the antennas out of neighborhoods.?” Though the Shattuck Storage Building address is on Shattuck Avenue, it is in fact in the middle of a residential area, South Berkeley. The building is on the edge of the LeConte Neighborhood and the south of Adeline neighborhood). The ZAB members who said this is ?‘not a residential neighborhood?’ must never have been to our neighborhood.
4. An application for 2 antennas in the Gilman neighborhood was rejected by the ZAB, saying that is a neighborhood and the ZAB commissioned independent analysis of the sound impact of that project which would be one ninth of the Shattuck Avenue Telecommunications application,
5. All of the documentation presented to the public, on which this decision was based was developed by the corporations, with a bit from the Developer. That included Health and Safety info as well as the ?“telephone penetration needs of the corporations?” . There was no independent analysis of the Shattuck Avenue Storage ability to maintain this high tech equipment safely; in spite of the fact that they have not maintained the storage business to the satisfaction of the neighborhood and this would be a hazard and health exposure of great significance.
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