Rattlesnake and coral snake warning

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 This leads up to the following:

Towne Lake Garden is bordered by a huge drainage area aka Salada Creek, Wetmore land fill area, an alley that leads into the YMCA untended area, and a lake smack dab in the middle. Snakes abound our neighborhood happen in the best of times, but now with our common areas not being regularly cut around the lake I fear the worst. Also, the construction of the trail on the Creek bed (I consider really dumb) is going to disrupt snakes to move to safer climes (our back yards)...Keeping all our yards mowed and trimmed, not allowing breeding grounds for mice, and keeping our common areas mowed regularly will help anyone spot snakes (hopefully).


Normally Webby doesn't get involved in politics but I noticed a decrease of services and and increase in TLGA fees. How does everybody else feel about this?

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I hear mothballs are a pretty good snake repellent, It should help to keep them out of garages, away from porches and out of and from under sheds without a foundation. 


RE: Assessments: I tried to have the issue addressed, albeit unsuccessfully. Personally, I'd rather see an even higher increase in assessments, especially during snake season, if it meant keeping the common areas mowed. In any case I've become uninterested in neighborhood politics since Mom passed.

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Our new neighbors on Brandon Yates had a rattlesnake in their back yard facing Wetmore.  We have seen two more large rattlesnakes in June.  The snakes seem to be in abundance this year, be very careful.

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I live in Star Ranch and we lost a dog 3 months ago to a rattlesnake and now we just had another dog bitten just a couple of days ago and thankfully he just may pull through.  In the last couple of days 2 other dogs have been bitten.. We believe that the rattlesnakes are coming up from the drainage/sewer areas since that is where all the rats and mice are living.

   I think that the counties should put poison in the drainage areas to control the infestation of rats and rattlesnakes.

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