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As a Realtor I am always looking for new and fresh content for my web site, and continually work on lead generation, and customers. I think all business is like that, so I was thinking that if anyone has a business or works for a company that is somehow connected to real estate, home maintance, homeownership, or anything really that people that look at real estate web sites would be interested in reading, or informative locally, and you would like to write a few paragraphs for my newsletter I would be more than happy to publish the article on my site. Of course you will be credited as the author and links to contact you or your web site would be included. I think it could be a win ?–win situation. I would have unique local content on my site and you would benefit from additional exposure and hopefully more customers to your business or web site. The only thing that I ask is that is more informative than sales pitchy, For example, if you were an Attorney you could write about how generally settlements work in Delaware, or if you are a Veterinarian you could write about the best way to move with your pets, or a Painter could write about the effect colors you choose to paint your home in have. If you like my ?“networking?’ idea, just send me an email and I will get back to you asap. Thanks.
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this site

I know this is off topic, but one thing I realized about this site is anyone can register to be part of our discussions. It is not a secure web site that you can make sure only Orchard Hill residents are members. Is there a way to do that?

seems like you set this site up as a vehicle to enhance YOUR business.

By anom.
I'm sorry if I offended you

Actually I found it and thought it was really neat, not as a Realtor,just as a person, I looked at it from the aspect of the civic info, the classifieds, the discussion forum, the calander,the links, etc. I thought it would be great to build a sense of community and yes also have people that live in an area to network, I wrote about people that have home based businesses to post what they do , like candles, Avon, etc, plumbers, electricians, babysitters, whatever, more as a convience, and way to network. I personally prefer to patronize locally owned business when I can, and thought other people also feel that way,I know if I had a problem and I knew that lets say a plumber lived right in my neighborhood, I would be more apt to call them, and people choose Realtors for all kinds of different reasons, not because they live in the neighborhood,that is most likely who they feel will do the best job for them based on what questions are asked during an interview usually with many different Realtors. I?’m sorry that you feel that way, I made the networking post to do exactly that, independent of this site, (my newsletter is on my web site) but it is a forum and I thought I had a great idea, I?’m very sorry if I offended you, and did not intend to do anything but put my idea out there, geared to local business owners that happen to live here. I hope you can look at my post from the perspective of my intent, and again I?’m sorry if I offended you.

By Anne
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