Aydelotte Estates Homeowners Association

General Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2006

Aydelotte Estates Property Owners Meeting
October 14, 2006
St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Parish Hall, Mulberry Street, Lewes

Board Members in attendance: K. Biedermann, T. Haldas, T. Kaptor, S. O’Donnell,
D. Smith

Committee Chairs in attendance: D. Magerko (Sunshine), W. Hartnett (ARC),
D. Smith (Common Grounds)

Property Owners in attendance: K. Biedermann, R. Brolly, L. Cobb, L. Dion, K.
Fenimore, T. & P. Haldas, W. Harnett, S. Krause, K. Law, J. & P.
Mangini, T. Kaptor, L. & D. Magerko, G. & L. Mastrangelo, J. & L.
Meade, S. Miller, S. O’Donnell, S. Oleson, T. Phillips, W. Pummer, R. &
H. Ruczynski, J. Sibilio, R. Sisselberger, D. & D. Smith

Proxies were provided by LOTS: 1, 10, 12, 15, 19, 20, 23, 25, 26, 31, 34, 35, 36, 38,
40, 45, 47, 53, 54, & 58.

Attendees were asked to sign-in at the door, make a donation to the church and take an
agenda. The meeting was called to order at 10:05 AM by Steve O’Donnell.

Reports of the Committee Chairs:
ARC--Wayne Hartnett
a) Gypsum helps the soil in your yard
b) Many upgrade requests by homeowners in the community
Sunshine Committee--Dianne Magerko
a) Fall Block Party was canceled due to lack of interest.
b) She will try a Block Party in the Spring of ‘07.
c) Money collected from the Block Party and the Spring Garage Sale help to fund
the baskets made for new homeowners in the community, cards for sick
neighbors, new babies, etc.
Newsletter--Joan Miller, Jane Knaus, Hazel Greene
a) Updated Directory will be passed out at the meeting today.
b) No info to make up a newsletter at this time.
Website--neighborhoodlink.com --Debbie Smith, Diane Hughes
a) Another source of information.
Common Grounds--Dean Smith
a) Leyland Cypress along Plantation Rd. are to be re-staked.
b) Bids are being sought to replace dead trees along Plantation Rd.
c) Replace with Crepe Myrtles, and some grasses.
d) Hydroseeding along backside of Michelle Dr. was marginally successful.
e) Discussion about planting on the common grounds by property owners. The
Board asks that any owner get approval from the Board before planting.
f) Maintenance of the Leylands--if bagworms become a problem again next year,
a landscape company will do the work.
g) Fall Clean-Up is scheduled for October 21, 2006 at 9AM.
h) Suggestions made by property owners:
1) Contact Hurst to clean street after mowing
2) Dress up the entrance sign

Nominations for Board of Directors:
Kathy Biedermann ~ accepted
Tom Kaptor ~ accepted
Kathy Fenimore ~ declined
Rich Brolly ~ accepted
John Meade ~ declined
Giuseppe Mastrangelo ~ accepted
Wayne Hartnett ~accepted
Linda Dion ~ declined
John Sibilio ~ declined
Ballots were distributed. Steve O’Donnell and Kathy Biedermann counted the
votes. Results:
Kathy Biedermann~39 votes, Tom Kaptor~38 votes, Rich Brolly~37 votes,
Giuseppe Mastrangelo~27 votes, Wayne Hartnett~23 votes.
Retention Pond--Tom Haldas, Rich Brolly, Linda Dion
Tom Haldas gave a presentation on how the retention/infiltration pond operates
during a severe storm. Presently the drainage response does not meet state regulations.
Some of the points discussed during the presentation and the subsequent question/answer
period are as follows:
a) The basin fails to drain in a timely fashion during severe storms.
b) State requirement is that the basin drain within a 48 hour period.
c) In accordance with DNREC recommendations, the pond floor will be tilled to
remove vegetation and to break up sediment.
d) Non-routine maintenance on the floor of the pond, would consist of removal of
sediment and replacement of sand. The cost could run $30,000 to $60,000
to perform such a job.
e) A survey has been done to establish a base line for the retention pond.
f) Until the infiltration problem is solved, there are no plans to vegetate the floor
of the basin.
g) Please speak to Tom Haldas or any other Retention Pond Committee member
to learn more about this continuing project.
Treasurer--Tom Kaptor
See Tom Kaptor or Steve O’Donnell for a report.
2007 Budget--Steve O’Donnell
a) Dues for 2007 will be $288.00
b) Discussion of raising the dues to a higher number, so we can be prepared for
coming maintenance.
c) A homeowner suggested that we take a vote to have each house assessed extra
money. This money would be used for the roads and pond.
d) There would need to be a 2/3 majority to pass this suggestion.
New Business--
a) Solicitation in our community--what can be done?
1) Call the police
2) Install a larger sign on the back of the stop sign at Micelle and Craig.
3) Neighborhood Watch--post a sign
b) Private Wells -- according to our covenants, private wells are not permitted in
our community. If a property owner is able to get an approved permit
from Sussex County, the state of Delaware and Tidewater, a private well
will be allowed.
c) Woods Cove -- concern was expressed about the trucks on Craig Blvd., lack of
cleaning the street, and loss of phone service.
1) Several of the Board Members have been in contact with the
project manager at the job site to state our concerns.
2) The Board states that this is a temporary inconvenience.
d) Brandon & Julia -- a barrier is needed to block cars and trucks from cutting
across the common area.
e) Will Craig Blvd. be extended to connect with Rt. 24?
1) The Board has not been provided with any information concerning this

Meeting adjourned at Noon.

Respectfully submitted,

Deborah A. Smith

Posted by deb412 on 11/04/2006
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