WTNA Website Survey

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1. What type of information would you like to obtain from a neighborhood website?

2. Would you pay an annual fee to help keep a website up and running?

3. Do you have any recommendations on a specific website to use for a neighborhood? If so would you please supply information in the space below?

4. Do you have any experience building a new website? YES NO

If yes, what type?

If yes, would you be willing to assist with this project?

5. Please let us know any other thoughts/comments you may have about putting a neighborhood website together?

6. May we contact you if we have questions,and if so, how?
Reply to Survey

1. I would like to know about up coming meetings and neighborhood events.

2. Depends on the amount of money to pay. No more than 50 dollars, probably.

3. No, sorry.

4. No

5. I think it should be much more user-friendly then this one is.

6. Sure, by my e-mail address that I provided.

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Survey Response

For some reason, I can't type in my replies to the above questions.
I like real estate, crime reports & traffic info in the qtrly report along w/classifieds - garage sales, etc.
I think asking for $10/yr would be more than fair to ask from everyone for maintaining website, newsletter, etc. I know nothing about bldg a website but I'm sure many neighbors do or a teenager for that matter.
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Thanks for the input.
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