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There are a few people out there considerate enough to bring bags with them when they walk their dogs. To them I say thank you. For those who don't, a reminder may be on the bottom of your shoe next time you decide to take a walk through that lovely park grass that you are not the only one to be thoughtless...pick up after your dogs...
Bravo! Pick it up! It's the law!

Pick up the Poop- It's the law!

Did you know that an average-sized dog dropping produces 3 billion fecal coliform bacteria?

When you are ''walking'' your dog, carry a clean-up bag to pick up the waste. The City of Austin does have a pet waste ordinance:

''It shall be unlawful for any person to fail to promptly remove and dispose of, in a sanitary manner, feces left by a dog or cat being handled by that person on property, public or private, other than the premises of the owner or handler of such dog or cat.''

Potential Fine: $86

More info on this growing problem at:

What is really curious to me is that people who will not consider throwing litter out of their car window, will walk their dog on the side of the street and leave its mess there!
Go figure!

By Watching my Step
Most do

Most of our neighbors do a good job of picking up the poop (or I just don't see where it lands). FYI: I love River Place.

By John
About reading

I bet that you assume that the 3 billion fecal coliform bacterias could harm you. It is a shame that where you copied and pasted this ''interesting'' fact from decided not to mention that this bacteria is not pathogenic, in other words it doesnt cause disease. I am not condoning not picking up pet waste but more or less spreading the message of read up on a subject before you complain

By Hates when people assume
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