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I am curious to know if anyone else has heard of the parking restrictions in North Attleboro, where it is illegal to park your car on the street for more than one hours between the hours of 1:00 am and 6:00 am. I just found out about this by getting ticketed this past weekend, and upon speaking with the parking Clerk, found out that the only notice was given in the ''Free Press''. Does this seem odd to anyone else? How can they enforce a law that they don't tell anyone about? Your thoughts would be appreciated

Maybe if we don't re-elect Betty Poirier to her post, outrageous things like unannounced parking bans might be eliminated.

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It is the law from Deec 1 through March 31, and created to facilitate snow removal.  It has been the law for many years, and has nothing to do with Rep Poirier

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