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Update 4 June 13, 2012


Apparently, Mayor Fischer did not inform us of the KHC activity in a timely manner.
At the May 14th Talk to Greg event, many area residents talked with Mayor Fischer about our concerns.  I followed up with an email to his assistant on May 22nd.  Hearing nothing, I followed up with an email to Mayor Fischer and his assistant on June 4th.  This reply came on June 5th:

I found out this morning (see email string  that the KHC decision (which awarded tax credits for Frontgate - bad news for us) was already finished by the time of Mayor Fischer's email telling us that KHC was the next step in the process.
Our efforts will need to be directed toward the Category 3 Review.  I have contacted Steve Hendrix for information about this process.  Meanwhile, I have asked James Peden's office for assistance with submitting an open records request with KHC.
We have set up a discussion forum (thanks, Vic!) for this Frontgate Apartments issue at:  Please join in the discussion and stay informed and active.


I still have not heard anything from Mayor Fischer about our standing invitation for him to come to a community meeting that could easily be scheduled with him at the Outer Loop Government Center so he could hear from us about this issue. 


I hope to have more soon.


Jon Bingham

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Update 5- June 13, 2012 - Correspodence from Jon to Mayor Fischer


Mayor Fischer,


I found out today that apparently (please see below) your email to me on June 5th as follow-up to the May 14th Talk with Greg was particularly untimely such that the KHC action was already completed.  This did not comply with your "timely notice" standards.


PLEASE HELP US.  We need your help to stop this development from happening.  If you would help us, you would be honoring your "quality customer service" pledge. 


To date, the progress of this development proposal has consistently violated many aspects of the "bill of rights" you claim to uphold.  I ask you to demonstrate your conviction about your "bill or rights" principles by recognizing these violations and remedying them by fully reversing course and effectively stopping this project so that your principles can be re-established and upheld in this case.  This proposal's advancement was not transparent to or inclusive of our community members.  This proposal violates your statement:  Together, we have the ability to improve the quality of life for all citizens in every corner of our community. I commit to being your steadfast partner in pursuit of this noble goal.  This proposal does not "improve the quality of life" for our community.  To the contrary, it will only bring irreversible damage - bringing more crime to our neighborhood (a direct threat to our families) and harming our property values. 


Please help us.  Please.


I renew the invitation and ask you to come to a meeting with concerned residents of this neighborhood.  Our meeting can be conveniently scheduled at the Outer Loop Government Center.  Please let me know with whom to make these arrangements for you to come.


Jon Bingham, 40228

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Update 6 - June 13, 2012 Correspondence from Nevada Cox at Cedar Creek Neighborhood Assoc to Mayor Fischer

Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2012 4:47 PM
Subject: LDG proposed Outer Loop apartments

Honorable Mayor Fisher

I have been informed by Jon Bingham, Apple Valley that you have already managed to get the proposed LDG Apartment on the Outer Loop through the first phase of tax incentive program.  I cannot begin to tell you how extremely disappointed our community is at this time.

Based on your comments (reply on April 20th) and support of the LDG Development project next to Valu Market on the Outer Loop, I did further research into LDG's history.  I was horrified at what I found.

In an article dated February 2010, Tom Coburn, M.D., US Senator from Oklahoma; "LDG Development of Louisivlle, KY, owners of Cambridge Station of Indianapolis were instructed to return over $800,000 in taxpayer subsidy money due to poor management and violations of federal regulations".  The complex was described as "an epicenter of violent crime".  An additional
$285,991 is also under review, which could push the total to more than a $1 million dollars".

Our community cannot support the decision you made in  recommending a company for tax payer incentives that have a record of "poor management  and violating federal regulations".  While the complex has improved "SOME", the residents are still "unable to even get a pizza delivered".

Your arguments in favor of LDG do not even come close in out weighing the negative impact they will have on our community.

I know you are well aware of the many apartment studies that have been submitted to you by our community leaders.  These results alone should strongly demonstrate why LDG should not be allowed to develop this low income apartment complex in our community.  And as I have stated before, patio homes (focusing on retires) are a far better suited for this site and our community.  Currently, it is patio homes that surround the Valu Market Plaza for the very purpose of a convenient and safe shopping environment.  Our community leaders have worked for too hard to insure a quality community to have it uprooted by dropping LDG apartment management into the middle of
the safe haven for our retiree citizens

For the record, we here in Cedar Creek had to jump through loops to rid our neighborhood of a section 8 home.  The residents of that home became so disruptive and intimidating, residents stopped their daily walks in the neighborhood.  We know exactly what to expect of low income housing in our back door.


Nevada Cox
Cedar Creek Neighborhood Association
6801 Riggs Drive
Louisville, KY


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Update: June 14, 2012 - Contacting the Courier-Journal Charlie White

Mr. White,


I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider running a story on the dismaying recent advancement of the Frontgate Apartments proposal with KHC approval of tax credits (letter dated June 7th).  Unfortunately, Mayor Fischer gave initial support for this government-subsidized housing proposal to be located at 7411 Outer Loop (next to the ValuMarket shopping center).  The revival of this project under a new name and the Mayor's initial support came without proper notification of the community where it was broadly opposed and thwarted previously.  Councilman Peden's objections have been ignored.  This project has violated many of the Mayor's stated "citizen bill of rights" of city governance. 


Please consider contacting James Peden (copied), David Steff (copied) and Nevada Cox (copied) on the background and history of this threat to our community.  Additionally, please consider contacting Mayor Fischer, Repr. Clark, Repr, Bratcher and Sen. Seum to get their positions about this proposal (or unwillingness to comment) on the record.  I am available to provide further information on our recent efforts to engage Mayor Fischer (through "Talk to Greg" and subsequent less-than-timely response) which have been a continued violation of his stated "bill of rights" principles.


This threat to our community should be of interest to many across the city due to Mayor Fischer's stated vision:  "Our Administration believes strongly in having affordable housing choices throughout the community and so the Administration signed on as supporting their application."  (Thus, what is threatening us now is planned for other parts of town in the future.)  However, this vision contradicts Mayor Fischer's stated purpose for the citizen bill of rights:  The purpose of this Bill of Rights is to empower the citizens of Jefferson County to join as equal partners in Metro Government. Together, we have the ability to improve the quality of life for all citizens in every corner of our community. I commit to being your steadfast partner in pursuit of this noble goal.   (Emphasis added)  Our quality of life is under attack.

Please run an article about the recent advancement of this threat and the community's desire to prevent it from development.  I will forward a couple of emails giving more background concerning recent events.

Thanks for your consideration!


Jon Bingham, Apple Valley subdivision, 40228  

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