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The DIY network or its web site are very often a quick source for solving minor problemss from the vineger + baking soda clogged drain trick to other quick and easy solutions anyone can do. And there are no limits on some of these solutions for common or mostly common problems. Very often some solutions may be in solutions for other probs. I noticed that the emergency supplies suggestions left one source of water out that some may have access too. Most well water is much more pure then bottled water, often times spring water is 100% pure.  Having grown up with well water that the only impurity was from the pipe going down for the pump, the water was so pure that those from elswhere thought it tasted funny that is to say it had no taste at ALL. So if a spring or pure water source is known, use it.  Plastic will do in a pinch but glass or ceramic storage is better, other containers that are good may be found for keeping water. No water bought in stores is as pure as spring water or most wells, particularly wells excavated out of rock.Tongue out

YCommon sense solutions very often are a good preparation. Do not let a label limit finding solutions or preparing for emergencies.  Your own neighborhoods have many disaster remedies present in the knowledge of your neighbors. Emergency guides are good to a point but do not feel limited to those. If possible try to not let prescription meds be short, particularly if a medication is needed routinely. Canned foods should always be handy. Alternative cooking methods should be also handy an outdoor grill or miniture outdoor grill could be a source for cooking in a pinch.  Most of those whom read these forums may have much more to offer for ideas. Websites accessed and stored in history also may be of benefit when internet access is not available. Remember it was not that long ago we didnt have a pc.


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