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the field is set for slaughter

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then there was two.we voted for the Good Joe,not the connected one.
figure it out on your own.attention to those townies who really care: do you think Sully can PROMISE YOU ALL JOBS IN HIS ADMINISTRATION?unlikely. I'm not convinced the most popular candidate is the best choice,but what the hell do i know?look who we got as our president-FOR EIGHT YEARS! THE DEFINITION OF INCOMPETENT MORON FOR THE NEW CENTURY.''I'M DADDY'S (& KARL ROVE'S) DIRTY PARTY BOY'' GEORGE W. BUSHIE-BOY.LET'S SEND EVERYONE ELSE'S KIDS TO WAR FOR GENERATIONS TO COME.WHY?UM, I DON'T KNOW-IT SOUNDED LIKE A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME.good bless those that have & still serve.god rest those who have passed defending both our way of life & the IDIOT-FOOL COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF BOOB.GOD HELP THOSE WHO ARE NEXT TO ENTER THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE;OUR PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU & YOURS.only god knows why this shite continues unabated. you see,if you try hard enough it's easy to blot out the puny pathetic nonsense associated with this petty little burg & its so called troubles.come January when party boy Lottery Joe Sully takes office it will be a gamble indeed.
i guess that time spent working for the state under longtime child hood friend Tim Cahill was time well spent. who knows,maybe they can arrange slots in all the town buildings to help pay for the budget shortfalls year after year. cause you know it will be hard to say no to all his childhood friends in town government now all grown up & in charge of various departments drawing HUGH numbers from the town coffers.because they're townies.thank you again to the mayoral council-you got the guy in place that will rubber stamp all budgets status quo.who needs 252 town meeting members when you can have 1 connected townie mayor & 9 connected councilors looking out for all their supporters.MEET THE NEW BOSS;SAME AS THE OLD BOSSES! LOL LOL YUK YUK YUK.

By townie home owner
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