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Crime: It's Causes

Posted in: Alta Vista
Pot-smoking Liberals have been hiding the causes of crime for decades. They do this because they smoke pot, and recognize that crime is a natural extension of their life-style ''philosophy'' of engaging in non-productive and illegal activities.

They would have us believe many things. That the ''poor'' are victims, rather than predators. That they have not had the same opportunities everyone else has (rather than never missing an opportunity to get their brain in a haze).

The most sinister social effect the Liberal Cheerleading squad has on us is the perpetuation of the fear that ''we'' (meaning those of us who do not dedicate our lives to drugs and beer) could wind up in the exact same postion in life that ''they'' are in.

And for those of us that do not really understand how ''they'' have come to this situation in life, this fear is easily exloited by the compassion pot-smokers.

A former Neighborhood Association President once said it publically in a meeting; that ''any of us'' could find ourselves in ''their'' situation. And as long as one ignores and/or does not know how ''they'' got their, it is possible that ''we'' could in fact find ourselves in that situation.

Rather than taking the opportunity to prevent future ''poverty'', this Neighborhood Leader enabled the acceptance of the destructive behaviors that could doom us all.

In short, when he had an opportunity to try to prevent disaster, he instead took the opportunity to try to ensure it.

Some Leader, and some Leadership.

(Please note sarcasm.)

I am OFFENDED by this post. I have been smoking the marijuana that I buy from the Planning Department for many years and it doesn't affect the way I think at all.

I started smoking pot since I was 12 years old, and I have never changed one bit since then.

Instead, I have had many children and lots of jobs. I know lots of political people and everyone likes me because I am never RUDE and do no make a practice of judging other people's decisions, even if they disagree with mine. This person is very judgemental, and we don't need our leaders to have any judgement whatsoever. They should accept us for what we are and try very hard to give us what we want whenever we want it no matter what the consequences to ourselves, our children or our Neighbors.

THAT is what a REAL Leader is. Someone that enables to be all that we can be, without making us earn it.

Einstein said that imagination is more important than intelect. Pot helps my imagination. Right now I am imagining going over to MidTown and scoring a dime bag...
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