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That's it, I have had it!

Posted in: Alta Vista
Think about this one while the rain is pouring down like stray cats and un-neutered dogs:

We could have water flooding all over the railroad tracks at Fulton, and then my compadres would have to get up and drive our big trucks out to save them in front of the TV cameras instead of spending time on the phone arranging business deals with cigar-smoking small-business campaign contributors.

So I went WAY out on a limb and convinced the City to do the drainage improvements they should ahve done 20 years ago, and you in Beacon Hill had to do is get some ugly phone, cable and CPS utility boxes in your front yards.

Such ingratitude!

Y'see, when customers are driving westbound on Fulton to buy their cocaine in MidTown, they don't want a bunch of overhead wires and stuff. It makes them paranoid. Maybe they think that the FBI has TV cameras and Listening devices in the wires. I dunno, cause I don't do that stuff. I just drink beer.

Anyways, we don't want those folks driving through Alta Vista on their way to buy cocaine in Beacon Hill to get PARANOID, do we ? (Beacon) Heck, they might get real jumpy and accidentally shoot the Wrong Person, instead of the Right Person that they are Planning (Dept.) to do.

Wouldn't want that, would we?

So because of your ingratitude and the mean way you treated me while I was taking the blame for the way the City has helped to promote the Beacon Hill Narcotics Industry, I am never coming back to Beacon Hill to take the blame ever again.

That's it, I have had it. Next time someone from the City messes up Beacon Hill (again), they are just going to have to find another sucker to take the blame and get yelled at by the Beacon Hill Neighbors. Not me, no way. I already paid my Dues.

By Hanibal Hector C

Obviously, this is the work of an evil, twisted genius, recently escaped from minimum-security detention facility guarded by undertrained private security guards that work for substandard wages.

Beyond that, it is clear to this well-qualified mental health care professional that this level of creative intensity cannot be the product of even an unbalanced mind.

This person is obviously under the the influence of mind-altering chemicals such as nicotine and caffiene, and at such high levels that it would cause the average person to go into myocardial infarction.

This person is living life on the edge, and walking a high-wire without a net. Very dangerous, indeed.
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