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The Blight Upon us All

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Received some very disturbing pictures from some members of the Beacon Hill Alley PAC Committee today. And it is truly unfortunate that, due the actions of a few people, these pictures cannot be posted on the Beacon Hill web-site.

It is also very unfortunate that there does not exist within Beacon Hill the political will to solve the pervasive problem of of the Narcotics Industry in Beacon Hill. And when faced with the opportunity and challenge to effect a long-term solution to this malignant blight, the City of San Antonio (both City Staff and City Council's office) chooses instead to align itself with that group of ''Neighborhood Leaders'' that are most reluctant to advocate a position on any issue.

We regret these people behave in such an irresponsible manner.

By A Beacon Hill Board Member

I should have signed it ''Beacon Hill BORED Member''. I apologize for any confusion that may have resulted. (Although, if anyone really did think that a Neighborhood Association Board Member could have posted this message, they sort of deserve to be confused.)

On thing I have learned is that you do not become an ''accepted'' Neighborhood Leader by making any statments of any sort, save for blindly parroting the City-line as given to us by the Planning Department.

A partial re-cap:

Neighborhood Revilatization. We don't know what it is, how it will happen or what it will look like if/when it does, but we are in favor of it. It is a good thing.

Urban Planning. We like that too, particularly if we do not mention anything about our Neighborhood Narcotics/Drug traffickers. We are planning to pretend that they don't exist, even when (and after) someone (else) gets killed. And we are also planning on not doing anything about it.

Crime. A scary subject. Our position is that anyone that says anything about it is crazy and scary. We will call the Police on them on any pretext. And blindly follow any leader (no matter how mind-numbingly stupid), providing that they never mention the issue (or it's causes).

Blight. We think that is scary too, but we don't really know what it is. We also don't know that it is defined in the State of Texas Statutes. We think blight might have something to do with run-down Rental Property filled with drunks, drug-addicts, thieves and Planning Department employees, but we dare not say anything on the chance that someone might become offended. (Better our property is stolen off our front porches than someone getting offended.)

By A Beacon Hill Bored Member
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