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A quote:

''J. Guerra / Satagaj

Let's Discuss the Issues
Hello neighbors. We live in Alta Vista and just wanted to create the opportunity for anyone to discuss issues related to economic development, city planning, neighborhood revitalization and architecture in our city. We are both closely involved in these initiatives in San Antonio.

We can also help by getting you in contact with the appropriate people who are responsible for code and other matters.''

Yep. Those are the issues the average Neighbor on the street wants to talk about.

-economic development
We shop at Wal-mart and HEB and we could care less about realizing this half-baked yuppie urban fantasy. If you really wanted THAT, you should move to Oregon.

Yeah, in between dodging rounds of gunfire, we like to appreciate the historical authenticity of the structure around us.

-city planning
Sure, so long as the starting point of any conversation is that it has been the City of San Antonio Planning department that is directly responsible for the decades of blight in once was a safe and comfortable Neighborhood.

-neighborhood revitalization
Yeah, let's start this one off by getting UU Housing to publically admit that the whole concept rests on the idea of promoting the Neighborhood to young families, instead of drunks, drug addicts and the local businesses that sell to them.

News Flash for the Degreed Professionals that do not like to get their hands dirty in the ''practival application'':

Young families will not move next door or even down the block from a rent-house filled with gang-members and drug-addicts.

Even if the roof doesn't leak and the wiring has been upgraded.

By William Bender
And if they did...

And if they did, WHERE would you be when one of their children gets stuck by an HIV or Hep C infected needle or shot during a drive-by ?


Oregon, where it is safe for Disengaged Academics that love theory to the point that it denies reality.
Worng, Bud...

Some insight: A word intended to convey that something is incorrect should never be spelt correctly. It is a contradiction, and sets up the belief that despite that fact that something is wrong, it is still safe.

Worng, bud. Check out the spelling errors, the lack of social graces and the inability to discourse with the glitteratzi. Been to the Hepatitus gardens and fished out enough natural byproducts of 1960's-era Social Liberalism to fill a pincushion. Did the drive-by thing too. Didn't move to Oregon, though.

By William Bender
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