Alta Vista Neighborhood Association

Noisy Pizza

Posted in: Alta Vista
If I had a Pizza-Pie,
I would never, ever lie.

I wouldn't call the President,
about some flyers that she sent

I would take that pizza pie,
and like a frisbee it would fly
to Ricky's office, with some whine,
and we would then procede to dine.

Oh Ricky, Ricky, your Grant so big,
Isn't there a deal to rig?
Barb & Steve don't like the noise,
the sidewalk littered with their toys, Oh,
Isn't there a deal to make
so we could eat and have our cake?
Oh isn't there a deal to try,
so we can have our Pizza-Pie ?

Here comes Letty with her flyer,
balanced 'top a stretch-ed wire.
She don't like that Noisy Pizza,
And with Freddy she doesn't meat-sa

Meetsa, meetsa, pizza-pie,
Those noisy Pizza's make her cry.

But we can't hear her wailing cry,
Too busy with our Pizza-Pie.
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