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Some Questions:

There were some posts relating to the Fulton Street Project on this Discussion Forum a few weeks back, and it seems that they have been deleted. Were they deleted because they violated some imaginary interpretation of ''community standards'', or because they were embarrassing to the current Alta Vista/Beacon Hill Neighborhood Leadership ?

By William Bender
I Liked...

I liked how a certain Neighborhood Leader took another Neighborhood Leader to task for ''...invalidating the feelings of a woman...'' (or words to that effect, that well-written and extraordinarily powerful speech has been suppressed by a weak and embarrassed political leadership). I think the post went on: ''If I want to compare the (ugly CPS, SWBT and Time-Warner cable boxes on Fulton Street brought to us by the Neighborhood Leadership) to the burning of an historical building in Annapolis...'' (words to the effect that) '' is not someone else's place to tell me that I cannot feel this way.''

(Difficult to recall a well-written and powerful post once it has been suppressed, which of course is the intent...)

And (as usual) I am pushing the envelope. So let me also state that it is also not a good idea to ''invalidate'' feelings of a man.

If *I* want to say that a powerfully written and well-stated post that accurately describes the Neighbor's reaction to a horribly ugly situation has politically eviscerated another Neighborhood Leader, it is nobuddy's business, even if I want to describe the splashing sound the intestines make as they hit the Fulton street sidewalk.

It's a brand-new day, and the ''manana'' attitude of the past political leaders is as extinct as the dinosaurs. And like the dinosaurs, their brains are too small and distant from the rest of their bodies. This is the reason for the delay.

I don't get it. Your post made sense until you said something about delay. That doesn't make any sense to me. Is that an ''inside joke'' or what?
The Delay...

As a Paleontologist, I understand the meaning behind the reference. In the Pliestocine period, Dinos were so large that it took several minutes for messages along the neural pathways (nerves) to travel from the front to the back of the Dinosaurs.

I was once on an archeological dig where the forensic evidence indicated that a giant Hectorsaurus had been killed, but due it's enormous size, it continued to move about as if it were alive for an extended period of time.

This very unique archeological situation created intense interest for my fellow Paleontoligists. Our primary question (the one we are now seeking grant-funding to research) was what effect this still lumbering (yet quite dead) Hectorosaurus had on the immediate Dinosaur Community.

Did they notice it was dead? If so, were they still afraid of it?

Unfortunately, the archeological evidence we have unearthed thus far does little to answer these (and other) questions. Which is why I and my team are going up to MidTown to request so Grant-Funding to research these important questions.
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