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Refrigerators with Doors On

Posted in: Alta Vista
(An excerpt from the Bexar County Appraisal District's Property Records)

Address: 602 PERDIDO
City/State: GARLAND TX 75043 5126

Owner Source: 8555/0413
Parcel Source: OLD FILES
Parent Account: 00000-000-0000
Governor Code: B1

Driving down W. Craig the other day, I noticed a refrigerator set out at the curb waiting for ''Brush Collection''. Doors are still on it, and they are not chained shut. Ran the property on Bexar County and came up with the information above. Looks like a Rent-House to me. Not my Neighborhood, some might say it's none of my business, but some kid gets trapped in their and dies and there will be a whole lot of people standing around acting like it's an act of God or something. Not an act of God, in my opinion, but a group of so-called ''constructive members of the community'' desparately trying to inflate their Public Image while avoiding actually doing anything ''constructive'' for the ''community''. Such as finding out why it is that the 311 call-center doesn't want to even take a report about a refrigerator with it's doors on during the ''Brush Collection'' cycle. As if somehow, magically, children instinctively know that they need to avoid getting trapped inside those things during the 3 or 4 week period they are sitting out at the curb.\

An eyesore, a nuisance, a Public Safety hazard and yet another example of how the tax-payers are subsidizing the the income of Rental Property Owners that make their money by degrading the quality of life of everyone that has to live around their business properties.

By William Bender
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