Alta Vista Neighborhood Association

Sports Bar YES!

Posted in: Alta Vista
After we are finished using State of Texas funding to support the PGA tax giveaway, we are going to use your tax dollars to create more drunks, drug-addicts and Planning Department employees driving around your Neighborhood.

Yes, yes, I know years ago I said some stuff about not wanting anymore bars, but you see my funding is in jeapardy and I haven't got a thing to show for all those hundreds of thousands of dollars I have spent over the last several years.

Not one thing to show, except for maybe a few friends that now owe me BIG TIME for all my invaluable assistance in getting them elected and re-elected. By committing felonies for them, I mean.

And if you look at it squarely, it could be worse. Instead of having a bunch of ''sports fans'' getting ''MidTown-faced'' (think about that one) and driving around the Neighborhood, you people COULD have a chronic heroin addict using this space to prepare narcotics for distribution.

It could be worse, and you should be glad for what you are going to get, whether you want it or not. After all, it is much worse in other Neighborhoods, where they have not ''integrated'' the Mexican Mafia into the Government.

By Ray Richta
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