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Parking on the street

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I have friends that drop by on occasion and they sometimes have to park in front of other people's houses. It's only for an ohour or two. Invariably, one of my neighbors has to complain about it. Quit it!!! You people park in fron tof my house for months and my friends can't park in front of yours for two hours?
Parking on the Street

I never have a problem with visitors to our neighborhood parking in front of my house. My beef is the cars that stay parked in the same spot for weeks on end. Did you know that you can call the parking enforcement and cars that are parked in the same spot longer than three days can be ticketed and towed? DON'T put up with other people using the neighborhood streets as storage for their junkers. Call the city and get rid of the cars that make it impossible for our fellow residents and visitors to find a place to park.
Parking on the Street

Last time I checked, parking on a PUBLIC street was just that - PUBLIC.

Your neighbors have as much "right" to the street in front of their home as you or I do. The law only states that a vehicle parked on a public street must be moved after seventy-two hours.

Next time you are confronted by one of these jerks, I suggest you ask them why the taxes they pay entitle them to privileges that yours do not...

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