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Lack of Response from 47th precinct

Posted in: 47th Precinct

I am writing on here because I feel at a complete loss when I contact 311 or the 47th precinct.  I've filed 9 complaints in the last 2 weeks having to do with various complaints:  noisy neighbors who have either had loud music playing until 2am, lighting illegal fireworks/M-80's by my car, dumping a tree they cut down across the street from their house by my driveway, illegally parking and blocking crosswalks and driveways and basically running a car shop and dance club out of their garage.  NOTHING and I mean NOTHING is done.  I receive updates sometimes 2-3 days later via the 311 app on my phone stating the police showed up (2 or 3 days later) and didn't witness anything. Well how would they?  Why not show up on the DAY of the actual report!!!!  This house is a complete nuiscance.  They tore down 1 house to make 3, 2 family houses and ever since they moved in (4198B Bronxwood Avenue), they act as if no one else exists and are constantly having parties until all kinds of hours, blocking driveways and just being completely inconsidereate.  My husband is a cop and where he works they actually respond to the noise complaints etc.  While I understand there are more serious matters that occur, it doesn't excuse the fact that these are ignored.  It's absolutley disgusting, that we have no one to turn to and eventually will end up having to take matters into our own hands.  I have small children, just like others do and to have them constantly afraid when they hear them setting off M-80's because they think it's gun shots, is ridiculous.  SOMETHING has to be done.  We are all homeowners and it is not ok that this continue.  I cannot wait to move out of this neighborhood, but until I do, I would like to actually see the police do their job. 

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