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Produce Trucks annoying you?

Posted in: W Los Angeles
Is anybody else tired of hearing produce trucks illegally honking their horns all day long everyday? Not to mention parking in the middle of the street and encouraging loitering. Please respond back if you are fed up with these guys, I want to get a simple petition together to send to Phil Enbody at the police station and to Cindy Miscikowski our city council representative. If you don't actually hear these trucks you might still want to help get rid of them because it would clean up the area and raise everybody's property values. Thanks for your help. In the meantime you can call 877-asklapd when you hear the horns and also call the West Los Angeles PD and ask for the problem solving unit. FYI Every time they honk it is illegal. Thanks,Matt Granville & Nebraska

By Matt
peace and quiet

I don't hear the trucks where I live (north of Santa Monica Blvd.) but I sympathise with your frustration. Everyone deserves peace and quiet on a residential street; I'll be happy to sign the petition.

By Penny
I disagree, Matt

I only hear the trucks when I stay home sick from work. The drivers/operators seem to be mindful of reasonable hours...never too early, never too late. As city residents we should expect some degree of noise during the day.

Granted, trucks pollute more than most vehicles, but no more than the SUVs that most of us drive.

I don't see how the customers can be viewed to be ''loitering'' when they simply make their purchases and go home. If they stop to chat with other customers, isn't that type of neighborliness a good thing?

Anyway, these produce trucks provide a valuable service to mass transit-dependent neighbors--it can be quite an ordeal to lug bags of groceries if you do not have a car.
Air horn noise is too much

Hi Sam,
I agree with many of the ideas in your message, but the decibel level of air horns (and car horns in general) is pretty extreme. Maybe if the sound was more like the traditional ice cream truck, the quality of life would be better for everyone.
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