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Protection against criminal to life and property

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The 112th Precinct Community Council


Dear Community Council of the 112th Precinct I’m an absolute resident and shareholder at 6345 Saunders St in Rego Park New York 11374. I would like to bring to your attention the unpleasant security and unsafe of knowing that the entrance into the co-op building where the ramps located has been left continuously unlocked between the hours of 8am to 5pm Monday thru Sunday all because the super Hector Acosta who maintains the maintenance finds himself lazy, exerted to reach into his pocket to pose his own key to enter the co-op. The super might be deliberately leaving the ramp door entrance unlock to scare off   residence and shareholders who reside at the co-op all because they find it to be unsafe with perceived threats from Hector Acosta or that Hector Acosta intentionally poses a way that a criminal could access the premises to commit a quick act of crime against a shareholder or rental occupant.  The co-op has two entrances to access the interior of the co-op one of which happens to be the main entrance and the other entrance located where the ramps at. My criminal discussion to you Community Council of the 112th Precinct happens to be the potential candidate who would find it appetizing to easily access the co-op to commit a brutal, atrocious or vicious illegal act just to benefit him or herself.   The Community Council of the 112th Precinct had posted a notice to the interior of the main entrance regarding protection to the residents to keep their windows and doors locked at all times because illegal acts of crime had occurred in the neighborhood. As of January 9, 2016 that notice of protection to occupants which the Community Council of the 112th Precinct posted still exists.


I’ve encountered an unpleasant experience with Hector Acosta regarding renovations to my co-op unit. Hector Acosta’s personal character on my observation of him happens to be of a Role, a Carcharodon Carcharias, a great white shark. As long as he can continue to feed himself and those individuals who would backs him up, he would persistently continue to lie to you having you believe that he’s the Alpha, Beta, and the Omega. Hector has and would introduce you to Contactors emphasizing in great details that they were licensed and insured when in fact they weren’t when I checked with the Department of Consumer Affairs.


I had an aggressive verbal argument with Hector Acosta during the fall in the month of September of 2014. It then turned into a physical aggressive fight against he’s son Eric Acosta who came up to me in an aggressive physical posture. I immediately sense danger and sense Eric’s rational state of mind was not normal to my standards of mental behavior.  Without hesitation I proceeded to throw one hard punch to his head. That’s when Eric quickly scattered and retreated to his father sided. Hector Acosta or his son then called his son-in-law Castro who happens to be a New York City Police Officer for the 112th Precinct. Castro showed up within five minutes of the call along with six other police officers and a sergeant. I told the sergeant what had occurred to cause the verbal argument with Hector Acosta which than lead up to a physical altercation with Eric Acosta Hector’s son. I brought it to the attention of the sergeant that my step-brother Caesar Romero happens to work as a New York City Police Officer at the 112th Precinct. The sergeant then told Officer Castro to confirm my statement. That’s when one of the other police officers stated he known’s Officer Romero. Castro then called my step-brother and I spoke with me. My brother told me that I’m a fuck. I didn’t question him on the principles of how would you defined such the word “fuck”. The sergeant decided that I shake hands with Eric Acosta and it was left that way. I had a conversation with my step-brother a couple of months prior to the incident which occurred that Eric Acosta the summer of 2012 about the month of July offered me some cannabis, marijuana which I declined on he’s offer. I also told Officer Romero that Hector and Eric Acosta might be attempting to cause or create legal actions so that, he would collect as to financial profits. I also told Officer Castro that Eric Acosta his brother-in-law smokes marijuana and offered me to smoke with him. Officer Castro’s reply to me in relationship to Eric Acosta’s illegal act of drug abuse was that he didn’t know of his brother-in- laws substance abuse. As of today January 9, 2016 I truly believe without any hesitation on my experience on critical thinking using good logic and how I have developed the mental habit of checking one’s own logic that Eric and Hector Acosta are both two chronic  liars’ who would use perceived threats with or without outside influence in getting it their way.  All of the resident shareholders and rental occupants who reside at 6345 Saunders St would less likely be fooled by Hector and Eric Acosta’s bad logic if they were to continuously observe their arduous behavior.

I absolutely feel that the continuous protection to tenants at 6345 Saunders St in Rego Park New York and the neighborhood should always be present. If the security to life and properties should become unattended, than it would become a judicial review by legal bodies and the Supreme Court to strike down legislation due to fundamental principles preserved in the law of our constitution.


Many thanks for your time and you have a good day.


Yours truly,

Rodolfo Romero Jr.

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