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Do you know how to describe a person?

Oct 07, 2006

Do you know how to describe a person?
By Heidi Harrison Chain
I hope that you never need this information, but we are constantly told that we can be the eyes or ears to help law enforcement. We can help protect our community. The 112th precinct community council has block watchers that formalize this role. You can come to our meeting and become a block watcher. The NYPD website tells us Blockwatcher training teaches you the types of incidents to report and how to provide effective information. If you see something you can really help by reporting it to the authorities ?—
DO NOT attempt to interrupt crimes in progress; DO NOT take direct action.
DO NOT confront the individual.; DO NOT reveal your suspicions.
DO record as many details as possible
Important tips to give descriptions:
Be systematic.
Look at the person over from head to foot.
Compare him/her with yourself (is he taller, shorter, heavier, older.)? 
What about the person?’s hair? Color? Length? Style? Facial hair?
Any distinguishing marks, features?
Eye color?
Did you notice the persons clothing- the color- the type of clothes ?– the jacket?
Here is a good check list
Sex: Male, Female
Race: White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc.
Complexion: ( light , dark ruddy, olive, sun burned, pale)
Height: try estimating in 2 inch blocks (for example, between 5' 8" and 5' 10")
Approximate age
Weight: estimating in blocks of ten pounds
Build: large, medium, small, stocky, fat, thin
Hair: color, length, straight, curly, thick, balding or thin, sideburns
Facial hair: clean shaven, stubble, mustache, beard
Distinguishing features on parts of body: tattoos, scars, etc.
Clothing: look from head to toe-- type, color, and style -Hat, eyeglasses, coat, shirt, pants, dress, skirt, shoes
You should also try to notice the person?’s method of travel- did they go into the subway, run down the street (which street), did they get into a car, bus, etc.
Try to remember as much as possible and then as soon as possible write it down. Do not write it down in front of the person. Try to be as accurate as possible.

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