112th Precinct Community Council

Do you know whether to call 911 or 311

May 08, 2005

By Heidi Harrison Chain
You may see something and want to report it to our local police department. Sometimes it is confusing as to whether to call 911 or 311. To help clarify this for you, here are some situations that we face and the number that you should call. I thank D.I. Philbin, Commanding Officer of the 112th Precinct, for his help .

Someone is trespassing on your property. This is a crime in progress CALL 911

Someone ?“ who does not belong?” is walking in the alley behind homes CALL 911

Someone is staying in a car in front of people?’s home (nonthreatening ?“ lover?’s lane?”) CALL 311 HOWEVER, IF YOU THINK THAT THEY ARE THREATENING OR OBSERVING YOU CALL 911

If Cars are speeding down the block- drag racing CALL 911
If you want to report that Cars were speeding in this past ?– Call 311

Car Blocking driveway CALL 311

Someone by your neighbor?’s yard CALL 911

Kids in the park at night after 9 CALL 311

Someone doing drugs on a corner CALL 911

A group of kids hanging out in front of a store -blocking the sidewalk CALL 311

Someone painting graffiti ?–CALL 911
You notice that graffiti has been painted and want to help clean it up ?– call 1 718 520 9321

A man/woman acting up and screaming (Possible threat to others) CALL 911

A man/woman sleeping on the street or in the park CALL 311

A man/woman sleeping in the vestibule of a store CALL 311

A man/woman sleeping in the park CALL 311

A man/woman being offensive to everyone in the park, if threatening others CALL 911

A house alarm going off CALL 911

A tree has fallen or branches have fallen and it blocks the street CALL 911

There is a loose dog in the neighborhood: CALL 311 or North Shore rescue at 516 883 1690 or American Foundation of Animal Rescue at 1 718 205 5860 or 911 if emergency
There is a sick dog or cat in the neighborhood: CALL 311
There is a tractor trailer parked on your block CALL 311

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