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Originally from Iowa, I moved into Brookfield East in 1997. I have two wonderful boys (each pictured with me above) and I work for The Arizona Republic | If you visit, you'll find stories and events from my colleagues and me. I live in this neighborhood because it's quiet, has a pool and my mom lives here too. I respect and enjoy helping, informing and connecting my neighbors.

I began a neighborhood watch program with a neighbor of mine. We encourage everyone who lives here to join our e-mail group so you can tell us what's happening and likewise, we can inform other neighbors. is the e-mail address. It's strictly for neighborhood issues only. We never send spam or junk. We're on Facebook, too. A public page at, as well as a private Facebook group just for neighbors at

Location: Mesa, AZ
Occupation: Online Producer, The Arizona Republic
Registered: 12/06/2009
Last login: 10/15/2022
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