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Here at Wax & Things we use nothing but the best ingredients in all our candles. Our candles consist of a natural soy wax, non lead wicks and scented oils. We hand pour each candle and and test each batch to ensure your candle never loses it scent even down to last drop giving you a True Aromatherapy Candle. We Deliver: San Leandro,CA Oakland, CA Hayward,CA Berkely,CA Emeryville,CA Pleasanton,CA Dublin CA call us at (510) 638-1112 (510) 638-1113 fax Copyright 2007-2009. wax and things. All rights reserved. SPA/SALONS/BOUTIQUES Are you a Spa, Salon or Boutique? Did you know Wax and Things can supply you with the quality waxes with affordable prices or scented sea salts, or maybe you would like to have your own manufactured candles and scents of your choices taylored to fit your customers AT WHOLESALE PRICES!
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