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Howdy Neighbors in Arlington from Kim in Woodland West Estates

My Family ~ The Reid~Hawley Clan..




 Family Roots:
My family roots go way back in Arlington. Joe Bailey Junior High is named after my great Uncle. My mother grew up with the Vandergriff's and all the gentlemen from her class that I have met, say she was one of the prettiest girls in school with brains too, Betty Jean Lawing-Reid. My grandfather had several gas station in downtown Arlington then gas was cheap, Arthur C. Lawing Sr. My grandmother work at one of the children store in Arlington called Andy Pandy back in the old days, Foy Lawing. They built a house on Park Row and Davis that was one of the first houses built that the plans came out of Southern Living magazine. My Grandmother, Foy Lawing was so proud of her home and family.
My Daddy's family roots are from the Everman area and from Scotland, James I. Reid. He owned multiple business in the area and had more friends than I was introduced to in his life time. He loved his farm and was one of the best horse-traders you could ever know. He even traded for my braces in high school with Dr. Alexander. Great doctor by the way.

I married the best man in the whole world. I am sorry girl's but I found him and I am not ever letting go. I could not be happier or more in-love. His Family is from Richardson, Texas. His Father was an Antique Dealer who's business was in the World trade center in Dallas and was a great Chili Cooker at various cook offs in Texas when Mike was growing up. His brother still lives in the area. Mike is ex~military from the Marines and Airforce background.

My Passions and more:
I have had poems published and was nominated for Poet of the Year in 2007 by The International Society of Poets. Which is an honor even if I don't win. 

Then, I had another poem published In 2009, here is the link to buy it on, funds go to help Texas Equu Search find missing and lost children. Order your "Who took the flowers" book  on My poem is on page 20 in the book. 

I write in my maiden name in honor of my Father who had no son's to pass on his name. Michelle Reid You can also see my art work on my website.

I hope old friends remember me, as a person that they were glad they knew and laughed with.
I was a Girl Scout leader and believe the saying, ''Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.''

We have Really BIG DOGS.... they're great at protection of the house and property and lovable to friends and neighbors.

If you hear a horn honk it is probably a neighbor going by my house saying Howdy. If they see we are home they will honk. Hope you come by and honk.

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