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''Yes officer, that's the guy!''

Thom is a 43 year old bachelor residing in Jacksonville, Florida. He is currently the Executive Director of Jacksonville Tenants' Union,Inc.; a non-profit corporation he founded in 2007.

He enjoys writing social commentaries on controversial topics just to briefly interrupt the ''bliss of ignorants.'' And, he finds it increasingly difficult to continue writing this paragraph without expressing extreme sarcasm, even though he knows it would be terribly inappropriate.

When not busy with that, he enjoys smoking a Lucky Strike while sipping a hot cappuccino, because by the time he finishes that, it's time for bed.

And you wonder why he is not married. . . ?

''Is this the beer line?''

As you might have surmised by now, I have an infinite respect for the Constitution's First Amendment, and enjoy expressing myself (with or without clothing). I find a particular intellectual stimulation with constitutional law; now if they could just include centerfolds with those Supreme Court decisions, that would be awesome! Did I mention I like a good piece of laughter, and a smoke afterwards?

Are you still reading this?

Are you really interested, or just being nosey? There isn't a whole lot more for you to know about me, 'cause I want to save something for our third date.

If it's information about the Jacksonville Tenants' Union you wanted, you just wasted allot of time reading this, because you're on the wrong page for that; but consider yourself enlightened, now you know allot of things about Thom Stephenson that you probably never wanted to know. You truly are one of the privileged!

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