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Our home was built in 1937, but did not have anyone living in it until 1941. It has had 5 families living in it since its birth.

Don and I have lived in our home in Denniston Park since January 1986. Prior to that we lived two blocks north. We found our home, when we had 10 German Shepherd puppies in 1984. We brought the pups to the park many times a week. Our home came up for sale at the end of the oil field crunch and we thought the dogs and us could live in this house for the rest of our lives. We have a humongous back yard.


I spend over 30 hours a week volunteering to help make our neighborhoods cleaner, more beautiful and safer. If asked I would say that I am very interested in neighborhood revitalization. I am the Vice Chair of Advocacy and Awareness at OKC Beautiful, Borad Secretary at Jesus House, Business Recruitment and Retention Chair for the OKC Empowerment Zone, and I am the Denniston Park Neighborhood Association President.

I still get to spend time working and photographing my gardens in between other projects.

Don is the best!! He supports all of my projects and participates when he can. He is handy in most ways and keeps our home in good shape, keeps our cars in shape and occasinally gets to restore a car for us.

The Pets

We have a wonderful grey tabby cat named Maggie. We were lucky enough to find and adopt her through Petsmart.

We have 2 German Sheperds who live at our work, 1 German Shepherd who lives at home with our monster dog who adopted us.

The newest addition to our family, is Lucy. She just turned a year old, is a Yorkie and is in training to become a therapy dog. She attends most of my meetings and falls asleep when the hot air gets to thick.

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