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My name is Sheryl Smith and I am the Director/ Founder of Inspiring Students To Excel In Higher Education.  We are a scholarship and essay writing mentorship program that has helped students locally and nationally to secure millions in scholarships and grant funding for close to 10 yrs.  "How Do You Plan to Pay for College?  Will you be using Scholarships or Student Loans? Learn how to attend college debt free.  We work with middle school students up through age 23 with helping them learn how to write effectively and win scholarships for college.  Here are some facts that parents should know: 40% of Freshman are dropping out the first year and semester in college.  Student loan debt is $1.5 Trillion.  In 2018 over $2.6 Billion in scholarships and grant money was left on the table. We offer online training and workshops that work to help students with a tailored approach for writing their best quality written essays that connect to funding. Ms. Smith is a Scholarship & Financial Planner with over 20 years of writing, mentorship, research and financial consulting experience.  She is also a certified Grant Writer. She has worked with banks, business owners, non-profits, sponsorships, fund raising, scholarship organizations etc.  Connect your college bound student to a resource that is a leader in helping students attend college debt free. Our website is  You may contact us at 404-410-3069 or email:






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