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East Montclair has been my home now for 6 years. I remember looking for affordable home ownership and found my beauty at 1710 Willow.

Wow, did I luck out! I have caring neighbors all around. I know some areas are challenging to live in yet, my oasis seems shielded from those challenges.


The first December in the new house (2001), I received a flyer about a neighborhood organization called EMNA. I decided to go. Elected that very night as vice-president I had no intention of getting so involved. Six years later, I have met the most wonderful people and am in-the-know of what is happening in our area. It's a great experience.

What's happening......

I currently work from home for Sun Microsystems. Another terrific opportunity. Joined with me is Jake, 2 Shiba Inu dogs, Schanobi and Yoshi, and a plethora of plants and flowers. Gardening is a favorite around here.

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