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Greetings! We are Oliver & Shashi with Chaya (dog) and Misty (cat); residents of Woodlawn Park since February 2002. Prior to which we were a stones-throw-away on Castleview Drive. This is the longest we have lived in any city!


Oliver currently works an IT Project Manager, while Shashi is self-employed and runs a Preschool-Childcare —Kribs2Kids—in St. Matthews at Shelbyville Rd and Fairmeade Rd.

Chaya and Misty were both rescued from the Humane Society and FYI - they get along fine. Chaya is a black/grey dog and is extremely energetic. Misty is a black-grey tabby who is soon getting to be a fat cat!


Our mission in life is to spread the love of Jesus Christ and be good Christians in whatever we do, say or think. Please don’t hesitate to call on us if you need help in anyway.

Email us:

odn64 at msn dot com

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