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Melanie & I, are engaged, moved in the neighborhood about three months ago and love it! We are young 23-24 yr. olds that feel around 35. We both graduated from John Jay High School (No, we aren't ''High School Sweet heart'') But, we did date or see each other in school for a brief moment. Neither one of us goes to a post seconday school of any sort, but Mel did go for 2 semesters. We live next door to the coolest neighbors ever. I feel as if we are roommates with them than neighbors, even though we don't live in the same rooms as they do (Cris & Theresa). Now, that that's covered...

Professional Lives

We currently operate a printing company named...Printing Solutions! Looking for Full Color? (That's our little slogan) We've been in business for about a year and a half and have been growing strong! We look forward to a great future in the industry and lifetime of this future success. Melanie is the Dir. of Graphic Design / Digital Imaging with an extensive portfolio and three years underneath her belt (No formal training) and doing awesome work! She's designed corporate identity, logos, brochures, business cards,web layouts, newsletters, billboard size banners for events and stores, handmade and full color invitations and much more, interested or would like more info call 210.477.7600 ext. 603.

I am a highly motivated, self starting, loud and outgoing, ''shaker-mover'', Dir. of Marketing & Sales. I've opened relationships for our business in several markets such as the restaurant, hotel/motel, convention, automotive, computer/internet, medical, graphic design and many other industries, would you like more information, contact me @ 210.477.7600 ext. 604! With our business and our success how can we be 23-24 yrs. old with the start up capital and business plan for success? Love, Family, Ambition and the most important GOD (With him anything is possible, can I get an AMEN!! HEHE :) ).

Outside of that Melanie is planning our wedding and our future home with interior decorations while I serve as a US Marine Reservist @ Ft. Sam Houston. We also assist our other family members in their business ventures, my brother and her parents. With GOD and family how can you lose?

All the other JUNK!

We are sort of home-bodies! As I said before we feel about 35 yrs. old, but that doesn't mean we don't like to have fun! We art a little ''Artsy-Fartsy'' (We like Fine Arts and things of a related nature). The RAT PACK RULES! Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. can sing! James Dean, `nuff said. Retro, vintage, contemporary class with a twist of lime like a sweet cosmopolitan or Grand Reserve Chardonnay! And a lot of other little intriguing things only friends know.

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