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My husband, Jack Otterson, and I share our house with our daughter (when home from the U of A) and our cat, Pickles. We share our yard with two Rhodesian Ridgeback hounds and whatever wildlife may be present. We have lived in the neighborhood since 1992 at 2634 E. Silverwood Dr. located in one of the cul-de-sacs.

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By posting a personal web page I hope to find neighbors who would enjoy getting together occasionally for specific activities I enjoy. Some of those include; 1) recorder playing, 2) book and movie discussions, 3) vegetarian pot lucks, 4) volley ball.

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"Projects" of one type or another (such as home improvements, gardening, arts and crafts, this web page) seem to consume nearly all free time. I enjoy walking, swimming, riding a clunky bike, and playing tennis once in a while. I love the great outdoors (camping, hiking, skiing, yes!) but don't like the driving to get there. Other interests include travel, languages and world music, all at the dilettante level. I conclude with a comment about my work; I have been an architect for many years (though I now work in construction management), and this has fostered an awareness of environment, community, and issues of sustainability. Any of you who share this interest please send me an e-mail message.

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