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Parents of 2 under age of 3

We are Clint & Hannah. Moved into Bridgewood in Sept. 2001. Have been very happy here. Clint is Manager at Pei Wei Asian Diner and I help operate & run our family business Oak Hills Florist.

Our Family:

We have 2 beautiful kids: Bella 2 1/2 and Aidan 18 months.
Bella attends the Children's Enrichment Center part-time and Aidan stays with my sister who is a stay at home mom with her son, Ethan. We are very close to our immediate family and get together all the time. We believe that family is the most important value in life.

Family Business

As I stated above, we have a family flower shop that my mom started back in 1974. We are located in the Medical Center off of Babcock Rd. Please visit our website(s) if you ever need flowers or gift items for in & out of town. We accept all forms of payment and would love to have you join our list of customers. Links to site are below.

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