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Mark, Elizabeth and Noelle

Hello neighbors! Thanks for visiting our home page. We are Mark, Elizabeth and Noelle Dickey of 4635 Bell Wood Drive.

Mark is one of those ''computer guys'', Elizabeth is a wonderful mom and medical records administrator and Noelle concentrates mostly on being a cute, curly-headed and adorable three year old!

Our ''first child'' is a 9 year old English Bulldog named Angel. Angel definitely never lived up to her name because she is full of mischief. She is white with brown patches, *extremely* friendly but may bark at other dogs. She is definitely more rambunctious than dangerous.

She's really a sweet baby but not ever supposed to be ''out'' like that, so if you ever see her out, try to grab her up and help her find her way home. She's a runner and not allowed out loose. She'd be in great danger of traffic so help us protect our baby!

Our Bell Ridge Life

We have lived here in Bell Ridge for about a year and half now and couldn't be happier to be here. We are sorry to disappoint you all but WE are the ones with the very best neighbors in the entire subdivision! :) Noelle adores Miss Joann, a middle school teacher on one side of us and on our other side we have another teacher (1st grade) Miss Ashley and Mr Chris, a fantastic young couple with two beautiful boys close to Noelle's age. We have dear friends across the street and all the way down the block.

We really love it here. We moved from Memphis where we both grew up and came, like so many people to Desoto county to provide a good place to raise our family.

Mark - elected to Assoc Board

At the 2006 meeting of the Bell Ridge HomeOwners Association, Mark was nominated and elected to the association's Board of Directors.

Mark is proud of this election and pledges to do everything in his power to represent the will of the people of the subdivision in a fair and even manner. As a representative, that is his biggest concern, not that his will but the neighborhood's majority will be addressed to the best of our abilities and he will always fight to see that this is accomplished.

If you don't agree with their decisions, then at least you can seek solace in the fact that it was a fair and equitable agreement that represents what most of our neighbors truly want.
Mark has a lot of ideas for our subdivision and is willing to pitch in to see that they are accomplished.

6/16/06 Follow Up
At the first quarterly director's meeting following the annual association meeting, Mark was nominated and then elected as the new president of our neighborhood association so I guess it's time for some of those good ideas to grow some legs and get to work!
(Say a little prayer for him, as he will likely need it! :)

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