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We are Raven, River, Rainbow, Julian and Monkeydog. The dog and I moved here January 1997 and shortly thereafter added to the family. The kids are 3,4 and 2 months.
Update 2/2/5 - Okay, nobody visits this site, it is now the year 2005 and my dog is now gone and I have another kid. My kids are now 7,6,4 and 2.

We like the neighborhood...

Since I never see anyone and never hear anyone, I enjoy the privacy of Studio Village.

4231-D Colfax Ave.
(818) 761-9191

What we do...

We own a home business that designs and builds web pages and offers computer support. Other than that, we like the power puff girls, digital cable, dsl and the history channel.

We still like those things but now we like ''Teen Titans''.

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Location: Van Nuys
Occupation: Biohazard Technician
Registered: 09/29/2000
Last login: 01/06/2009
Respect-O-Meter: Valued Neighbor
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