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The Falls of The Me-ah-me

In the early 1800's, the land on which ''The Falls'' is located was used quite often as a camp site by the Miami Indians. Me-AH-me is the proper Indian pronunciation for the name of the Indian tribe which the white settlers later called Miami Indians. Since there is a scenic cascading water falls in the center of the property, ''The Falls of Me-ah-me'' is a name that reflects both the rich heritage and the natural beauty of the land.

There is an authenticated legend attached to the property regarding a hidden cave near the Falls holding gold nuggets and other Indian artifacts. This cave was shown to Mr. Thomas Hall, the first land grant owner, by the Indians. Though several searches have been made, the cave has yet to be located.

The following Miami names are used in The Falls of Me-ah-me subdivision:

ME-AH-ME Proper Indian pronunciation for 'Miami'

WAPIHANI Miami name for White Waters

WEA 'Eddy People' - Miami tribe along Wabash
River near Lafayette

QUAPAW 'Down Stream People'

WEEMIAK French name for Miami Indians

LITTLE TURTLE Most famous Miami Indian Chief

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