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Matt's a sixth generation Oklahoman who's native to Oklahoma City; Paul's hometown is Independence, Missouri (a.k.a. ''Where the Trails Start and the Buck Stops'').

Paul currently works in the computer industry, but his academic background is in music. Matt is an estate liquidator and professional appraiser; however, his academic background is in history and theology.

Both are fond of music, with Paul (an organist by training) leaning toward bel canto opera, operetta and classical organ (esp. 20th century French works) and Matt leaning more toward Big Band, mid-century jazz, yé-yé, Western swing, retro Latin tunes (esp. mambo, fania and samba), Seventies disco, house, trance and trip-hop.

Matt enjoys the study of indigenous American religions, as well as Oklahoma and Texas history. Paul, on the other hand, favors computer science, music history and genealogy.

Both are huge fans of Wendy Kaminer, Jared Diamond, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Simon Schama, Taslima Nasrin, Katha Pollitt and many other writers. Both also enjoy comedy, with Margaret Cho, Catherine Tate, Henry Rollins, Eddie Izzard, Jack Dee, Graham Norton and ''Little Britain'' topping the charts. Both Matt and Paul are HUGE fans of both ''Greater Tuna'' and ''Sordid Lives'' as well.

The couple collects vintage wristwatches, period Chinese Export porcelain, 18th and 19th century British and Continental silver, Georgian mourning pictures, kitschy Thirties wall pockets and both Victorian and Edwardian dachshund memorabilia.

Both enjoy entertaining, camping, gardening (especially Oklahoma and Texas wildflowers, as well as other xeric perennials), cooking, walking, dancing, politics and travel. Vietnamese, Lebanese, Korean, Thai and French cuisines remain popular in the household, with (ick!) German food coming in a dead last.

Uncles Matt and Paul have 8 nieces and 3 nephews: Ryan, Mindy, Taylor, Jessie, Reagan, Allie, Haley, Emily, Jackson, Joshua, and Jillian.


There are two marvelous dogs in the household.

Ella is a 30 lb. Welsh Corgi/Blue Heeler mix adopted from Pets & People in January of 2000. (n.b.: For more information on Pets & People, see the eighth hyperlink at the bottom of this page).

Cleo, on the other hand, is a 12 lb., black-and-tan, smooth-coated miniature Dachshund. (Cleo was adopted from Matt's brother Chuck in June of 2000 after Cleo had been viciously attacked by coyotes west of Oklahoma City.)

Ella Lakmé (''Ella,'' for short) was named in homage to both Paul's favorite opera (i.e., Léo Delibes' opera ''Lakmé'') and Matt's favorite vocalist (i.e., Miss Ella Fitzgerald). Cleo was christened in honor of Miss Cleo Laine, the renowned English chanteuse.

Cleo is as aggressive as Ella is subdued. Cleo lives to eat; Ella eats to live. Cleo is a kisser; Ella is a snuggler. In spite of their differences, though, these two furry sisters are totally ga-ga for each other, and positively inseparable.

There's almost always a foster dog in the house, too. If you're interested in more information about adopting or fostering, please e-mail Matt at the e-mail address listed below the photograph on this page. You may also contact Travis Shuler, Director of Second Hand Weenies Dachshund Rescue, at 405.225.8243.


Matt and Paul proudly support Pets & People Humane Society (see eighth hyperlink in the section below). Other favorite non-profit groups include Rocky Spot Dalmatian Rescue, Hounds of the Heartland (a.k.a. the Central Oklahoma Greyhound Rescue), the Central Oklahoma Dachshund Rescue (a.k.a. Secondhand Weenies), Oklahomans for Science Education, the Human Rights Campaign and Okie Dokie Cocker Spaniel Rescue.



''When blithe to argument I come,

Though armed with facts and merry;

May providence protect me from,

The Fool as adversary.

Whose mind to him a kingdom is,

Where reason lacks dominion;

Who calls conviction prejudice,

and prejudice opinion.''

Phyllis McGinley


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