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Safety Committee Charter

Educate residents, renters, and property owners on safety and security issues, guidelines for home security projects, when and how to contact law enforcement or emergency services, and the importance of watching the community.

Provide fast turnaround on homeowner questions, always responding within the committed turnaround time.

Work with residents to identify safety issues and resolutions for those concerns.

Maintain oversight of the associations security patrol, assuring effectiveness, and acting on reports as required.

Coordinate resident complaints, insuring privacy of the complainant. Work with the resident to alleviate the concerns.

Provide material for awareness via the newsletter or the website.

Guiding Principles

Recommend prudent actions to the board for approval and implementation by the management company.

When handling requests and complaints The Safety Committee will do the right thing to insure residents property use freedoms are not unreasonably limited in the spirit of making Stanton Run a safer place to live.

The committee will make modifications to the covenants as needed, to insure the goals of the committee are met and to insure unreasonable limitations on property use are revised as needed.

We rigorously protect the confidentiality of residentÂ’s information, and will take actions that are prudent and reasonable to minimize fraud, misuse, and board reputation risk.

Key Roles

Members are responsible for logging concerns and bringing them to a successful resolution.
Members are responsible for helping educate residents on the value of a secure community.
Members are responsible for networking with other associations to share information and learn new ideas.
Members are responsible for identifying current issues and determining how to best prepare for them.

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